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Arm Procedures

Arm Procedures
Arm procedures reduce fat in stubborn areas while tightening the skin, helping your arms look their best.

The plastic surgery field has grown exponentially in recent years which means your options for doctors and practices have grown as well. So how do you know if you’re getting the highest quality service? Before considering surgery, you should always do your homework on the procedure and the doctor in question. There’s no one more qualified than Dr. Zelken to handle your plastic surgery needs. He trained in general surgery and plastic surgery at the Johns Hopkins Hospital followed by a highly competitive fellowship in microsurgery. Licensed in both California and New York, Dr. Zelken is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. 

Beyond our credentials, the Our clinic for Aesthetic Medicine in Newport Beach, CA, offers our clients personalized care that fits your lifestyle and accomplishes your goals. Whether you’re looking for enhanced toning, scar reduction, fat removal or treatment for skin cancer, you’ve come to the right place.

About Arm Procedures


Many factors can cause the skin on your arms to droop. Fluctuations in weight, aging and genetics can all be culprits. Regardless of the cause, no one wants “flab”. When it comes to sagging skin under your arms, exercise and weight training often fail to solve the problem.

If the bottom of your upper arms sag or appear fat because of excess loose skin, an arm lift (brachioplasty) might be the perfect solution. The procedure reduces sagging skin by tightening and smoothing the underlying supportive tissue, thereby helping to define the shape of the upper arm. Because of the important blood vessels and nerves that span your upper arm, it is imperative that you find a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform this surgery.

There will be some swelling and bruising from the arm lift surgery itself, but you should see positive results almost immediately following your operation. To maintain lasting results, it’s important that you keep your weight consistent and exercise regularly. As your body ages, it’s normal for some elasticity to decline, but most of the improvements will be permanent. One of the downsides of arm lift surgery is that a scar is created. At the Jonathan Zelken, MD, we have numerous strategies to prevent and correct unsightly scarring, but the fact remains that a scar will exist.

Fortunately, some men and women are candidates for a procedure called BodyTite. This procedure uses radiofrequency heating to heat up the deep tissues of the arm. It creates deep internal scarring that slowly contracts over time. When combined with liposuction, there is visible improvement of both the visible bulk and tone of the arms. This procedure is not for everyone but be sure to ask about it during your consultation with Dr. Zelken.