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Can I get buccal fat removal if I have had orthognathic surgery? It is common for the patient seeking buccal fat pad removal to desire or have undergone orthognathic surgery to improve their occlusion or bite. Once this operation is complete, many of them seek additional enhancement of their face through other procedures, including facial implants, fat transfer procedures, and, yes, buccal fat pad removal.
In this video, Dr. Zelken explores the nuances, challenges, risks, and benefits of jaw angle implants. 
Dr. Zelken discusses the potential benefit of perioral mound liposuction, buccinator myomectomy, or both, for improvement of perioral mounds.
Dr. Zelken explores 3 reasons why you might NOT be a candidate for buccal fat pad removal (bichectomy).
If Ozempic-related facial changes are unacceptable to you, and you intend to keep your weight stable, know that these changes are correctable. Fortunately, plastic surgeons have been treating aging and deflated faces for years. The “lift and fill” facelift relies on both skin tightening and volumization with your own fat to both correct volume related changes and age-related skin laxity
These days, one of the most-requested facial problem areas is a small shadow that originates from the corner of the mouth and angles downward. I do think that conservative fillers and even Botox to this region are important methods to soften early signs of facial aging. However, there is a strict limit to how much can and should be safely performed, and just as much as the forward depression deserves to be addressed, so does the fullness behind.
Monsplasty helps flatten the lower bulge under the belly & above the vulva; so-called FUPA removal
Chrissy Teigen got buccal fat pad removal. Not sure it was the right move.
The Deep Plane Facelift is SO HOT right now. Why?
There is no age limit for facelift surgery. Traditionally, facelift was reserved for aging faces with redundant and inelastic skin. More recently, facelifts became popular amongst 40-somethings and 50-somethings to combat the earliest signs of aging and mitigate additional changes.
Facetite + Ponytail Facelift + Buccal Fat Removal
Dr. Zelken explores the nuances, challenges, risks, and benefits of jaw angle implants. The mandibular angle, also known as the JAW angle or GONIAL angle is both a measurement (i.e., 140 degrees) AND an anatomic landmark.
WOW! FACIAL CONTOURING surgery (buccal fat pad removal and submental liposuction) by Dr. Zelken
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